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Winning is not everything

VCs love to talk about the unicorns in their portfolio – and understandably so. But why don’t we talk about how many of our companies are ethical? Sometimes, winning at ANY cost is not 'winning’ -- it is ‘cheating.’ Long ago, when I came to Kerala after joining the...

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Principle of leadership

A few years ago, at an organic food show in Trivandrum, a girl at the entry counter stopped me. And with the zeal of a convert, she shoved a pamphlet in my face, and started lambasting how evil genetically modified (GM) food was. I am not for or against GM food but to...

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Lessons from Finance

In a finance class at Wharton, I realized the root cause of the 2008 financial meltdown -- complexity. And if we are not careful, for the same reason, many will get hurt in the current crypto craze. In the abovementioned class, the professor explained loan derivatives...

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In my first year at IIT, we had a race -- no, not the rat race, but a literal one. We had to pick a humanities course, which was assigned ‘first come, first served.’ Prof Amit Ray’s course on arts/design was the most popular -- he gave ‘A’ grades quite liberally. And...

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Nature is unforgiving

When I left McKinsey to join private equity in India, I was extremely nervous. I knew nothing about investing. All I had learned at b-school and at McKinsey was the theoretical stuff. And now I would have to rub shoulders with the ‘pros.’ Since these people were...

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Many years ago, during a social event, an IPS officer known for obsessive drinking claimed that while serving in the Border Security Force, he had liquor in the deserts of Rajasthan, under the night sky. And that according to him, was the most enjoyable experience man...

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Detoxing from Power

Years ago, my first detox was not from unhealthy food or some bad habit, but from authority and power. Working in the IPS had many good things, but one bad thing was that you get addicted to power and authority. And I could see all the symptoms of addiction. When you...

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Reality and Ego

Years ago, I was at an evening get-together at the house of a senior IPS officer. At that time, as a relatively junior IPS officer, I was heading a city police force. During the conversation, one senior officer started lamenting about how the quality of IPS officers...

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Healthy body

Every time I go for a run, the uphill stretches of Trivandrum roads remind me what raw agony feels like 🙂 Yet, when I see people taking a gentle stroll in nearby parks, I don’t envy them -- instead, I feel truly privileged. Why is it a privilege to suffer that pain?...

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Shifting Priorities

Earlier, the headlines grabbing our eyeballs would be, “ABC topped the IITJEE” or “XYZ topped the IAS exam.” Nowadays, the more popular headline is, “The highest salary at IIT Roorkee is Rs 2.15 Cr.” Apparently, IIT Bombay and Guwahati got only the consolation prize,...

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Magic inside you

Three years ago, I met this ex-software engineer who returned from the US to take up a nondescript admin job at a private college in Karnataka. He quit software because he was trained in old technologies that got phased out, making him redundant. I asked him gently,...

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Realities of life

Years ago, I hired a journalist (a sub-editor) from India’s top-notch English newspaper to write blog articles for a startup I was then running. That newspaper was so reputed that I did not even test his knowledge of writing -- that would have been like testing if a...

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