Habit-Building for Companies

Custom bootcamps to build high-performing teams with focus, discipline, and low stress

Digital detox, productivity boost and learning enhancement through co-learning sessions, mindful morning routines.

The new competitive advantage:
Focus, habits, routines

Companies can’t deliver peak performance unless their employees and teams build discipline, focus, and routines. And here is why.

The Times, They Are A-Changin’
Within a decade, smartphones have unrecognizably changed our behavior. With a zillion apps, notifications, and temptations on our phones, ‘focus’ has become ‘mission impossible’. Ensnared by these distractions, employees sleep late, have little time for fitness or self-care, and are massively stressed.

To make this a perfect storm, the ‘always-on’ culture created by Email, Slack, and WhatsApp has made deep, focused work even harder. Busy leaders have no time to step back and reflect.

​Our brains are not wired to handle such distractions. We need to retrain our mind by building a new set of routines and habits.

Make no mistake — today, the biggest competitive advantage for companies is not strategy or operational efficiency, but ‘focus.’

We can help companies beat distractions, rebuild focus, accelerate learning, and lower stress. We can also train leadership teams to build focus and deliver peak performance.

About Rajan Singh
HabitStrong programs are designed and led by Rajan Singh. A former Police Commissioner and McKinsey consultant, Rajan blends habit-building techniques, mindfulness, and his life lessons, with a no-nonsense military discipline.

​Rajan likes to walk the talk: Every day, he is up before 4:45 AM and follows the same iron discipline he exhorts others to inculcate.

How we can help companies

Build a culture of focus

Helping employees build focus, discipline, and deep work routines. Also, help teams adopt a no-distraction culture.

Build learning discipline

Helping employees start hitting learning goals so it doesn’t remain a paper-plan.

Leadership coaching

Special coaching for leadership to help deliver peak performance through focus, and better habits and routines.

Deliver more with less stress

Help beat stress by inculcating mindfulness and better habits.

Depending upon the requirement and ​scope, we can create customized interventions and programs for companies.

Program details

Please get in touch with us with some information about your company and what you are looking for.

Pricing: We will give you a custom quote after understanding your requirements.

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