Terms & Conditions
  1. We will confirm your place in any program you enroll at the end of the first week based on overall commitment and attendance.If we drop anyone from the program within the first week, we offer a prorata refund. After that, there will be no refund if we drop anyone for any reason whatsoever.
  2. If you drop off the program on your own within 3 days from the start date of the first month of your subscription, we will give you a full refund. There will be no refund if you drop off on your own after the first 3 days, at any point during the subscription period.
  3. If you are dropping off, you must inform us via email within 72 hours of the start of the first orientation session in order to be eligible for refund.
  4. Participation is valid for the mentioned duration only for all bootcamps. Carrying over unattended days to the next bootcamp is not allowed.
Price disclaimer
  1. The fee is subject to change without further notice. However, if anyone has already paid for a program, we guarantee the lower price for that person.