Online program to beat digital distractions & build laser focus

Break free from phone addiction. Achieve focus and calm. Improve productivity and mental health.

Fee: INR 7000 INR 3500
USD 120 USD 50
* 7 day refund period

Program includes:

  • 8 modules with specific exercises and concepts
  • Scientific exercises to rewire your brain
  • Full Q&A support including 4 live group sessions with Rajan Singh
  • Instructions for a custom approach to handle digital distractions

Step-by-step guidance

Learn the exact actions to handle cravings, break old habits, and be in control. Precise instructions, no guesswork. 

Real results in just 4 weeks

Techniques based on neuroscience and habit psychology ensure change you can see.

Designed by: Rajan Singh

Ex IPS Officer, Ex McKinsey
Wharton MBA, IIT Alumni

12 months unlimited access

Get 12 months complete access including all updates during this time

Program curriculum

Understand baseline habits and behaviours

  • Identify and map your habit loops
  • Start weakening your habit patterns scientifically
  • Techniques to lower reward value associated with smartphone usage
  • Develop intense focus and ability to spend time without staring at a screen

Reset and rewire, build focus

  • 2-week digital detox to reset baseline habits
  • Break each part of habit loop with specific action steps
  • Well-designed exercises to rewire your brain
  • Create a custom plan for using your devices
  • Overcome cravings without using willpower

Based totally on practical exercises

  • Exercises after every new concept
  • Concepts build sequentially on previous knowledge
  • Assignment submission for accountability and real change
  • Precise instructions — no guesswork

Why join the program to get your life back

Save time and invest in yourself

  • Our program is an investment that pays for itself in just one week
  • Help save hours of mindless phone surfing

Improve your quality of life

  • Our science-based program will help overcome distractions and frustrations
  • Resulting in a more productive, satisfied, calm, and less stressed life

Change your habits for good

  • Our program provides step-by-step instructions to create new digital usage rules
  • Rewire your brain to overcome distractions and stay focused

Risk-free investment in your future

  • Our program offers a one-week refund period with no questions asked
  • Most people who take our program describe it as “life-changing”

This program truly changes you

The curriculum is designed to make you act.
No fluff. That’s our difference.

It’s not about “knowing.” It’s about “doing.”

Stop consuming, start doing. Reading and watching won’t change behavior. Our bootcamp drives rapid change with habit psychology, exercises, and Q&A. Enroll now for real results and join successful doers.

Just follow our step-by-step plan. Don’t overthink it.

Don’t overthink. Our step-by-step detox plan provides a scientific approach for real results. Create a personalized plan and get precise guidance to stay on track. Join now and take control with confidence.

Stop wasting time

Don’t waste your life scrolling. Our detox plan reduces screen time in weeks. Reclaim time for family and life goals. Join those who have broken free from the digital trap.

What you learn here will serve you your whole life

Transform your life for good. Our program teaches habit psychology techniques for a healthy relationship with technology. Invest in your future now and join those who’ve taken control.

What participants say

*Note: Undistractable was earlier called Reboot. Here’s what our participants have to say about the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start the program?

We will send you the login details within 24 hours of making the payment. You can start as soon as you receive this info.

What changes can I expect after the bootcamp?

After you finish the bootcamp, you will gain crystal clear clarity about your current digital habits. You will also prepare a custom digital usage plan that works for your life. Our focus-building reading exercise help you regain the ability to focus deeply on a task.

Once you get your digital habits under control, you will see free time opening up in your day. During the bootcamp itself, many participants start using this free time to work on their personal and professional goals.

After the bootcamp, you will acquire the mindset of discipline and mindful living.

How long will the habit changes last? Will I go back to my old habits?

When you go to the gym and work out, you will start seeing changes in your physical appearance and mental state. To maintain those changes, you have to continue working out.

Habits are the same way. This bootcamp will help you trigger positive changes and equip you with habit-psychology based tools. We show you how to get back on track and what aspects to pay attention to for habit maintenance.

What is the curriculum of the bootcamp?

The bootcamp covers the following:
– Identifying current digital usage
– Creating a personalized digital usage plan
– Using habit tracker as a tool to build and maintain habits
– Techniques to break bad habits and build good habits

How does the program work? What do I have to do?

Once you enroll in the program, we will send you detailed information on how to go through the program.

The curriculum is designed in such a way that you can do it at your own pace, completely according to your convenience.

You will do a lot of exercises during the course of the bootcamp. You must complete all assignments before the deadline and submit to us.

We will provide Q&A support to you, via email. You will also get to interact with Rajan during the 4 live group Q&A sessions that are included in the program.

What activities are included in the bootcamp?

The following activities are included in the bootcamp
– Training in habit-building techniques to beat digital distractions
– We give you tools to track progress and overcome obstacles
– We support you in overcoming struggles and challenges
– We give you a community to share your learnings and hold yourself accountable
– We help you build focused-reading habits, and practise solitude and self-reflection

Do you offer a refund policy?

Yes! We offer a 100% refund if you withdraw from the program within 7 days of purchase. No questions asked.

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