No-compromise bootcamps to build

discipline, focus, and a mind of steel.

We make you act. Real results. No empty theory. 


Since July 2020, more than 2,000 HabitStrong alumni have reset their habits to rebuild their lives. 

"So much was packed into this one-month program -- 5 am meditation and journaling, focused reading, detox, knowledge session on stress and anxiety, and deep work. Every team member of mine benefitted hugely and I think every professional must undergo this program."

Vijay Kumar
CEO, InApp Technologies

Change your habits to change your life

We help you build life-transforming habits. No fluff. Just real results.

Take action from Day One

No excuses, no compromise, no empty talk. With our scientific step-by-step roadmap, start changing your life from day one.

Use habit psychology to make change happen

With our psychology-based approach, see real change in just 4 weeks without having to depend only on external motivation and willpower.

Hands-on help and community support

Get regular feedback from our team and connect with a like-minded community. Get all your questions answered.

Our bootcamps combine habit-building psychology with my life-lessons as a Police Commissioner, a McKinsey consultant, and an entrepreneur. I have seen first-hand the magic of 4:30 am military-discipline and focus. 

At HabitStrong, we help your build a life of discipline, focus, and happiness. 

Rajan Singh
Founder, HabitStrong
IITian, Wharton MBA, ex-IPS officer

Our Habit-Building Bootcamps

Pick a bootcamp. You’re one step away from reclaiming your life.

Next batch: TBA

Reboot - Digital Detox

Learn to beat digital addictions. Rebuild your focus. Reclaim time from WhatsApp/Facebook and spend it with people you care about.

Next batch: 3 MAY


Build a 5 AM or 6 AM morning routine with meditation and journaling. Additionally, work on your learning goals with a virtual co-learning community.   

Next batch: 19 APR

Become A Morning Person

Wake up early and start the day at 5 AM or 6 AM with a LIVE guided meditation and journaling. This bootcamp is to help you enjoy mindful mornings.

Next batch: 3 MAY

Extreme Focused Learning

Power through procrastination and co-learn with a virtual community. Rapidly complete your learning goals, build positive learning behaviours.

It Really Works!

Don't just take it from us. Let our customers do the talking.

"I am a huge fan of HabitStrong’s Game Changer bootcamp. It taught me how to get up at 4:45 am, meditate and journal. I love learning but I could never find the time to do my courses. However, with GameChanger, I have completed some of the courses that I have been wanting to do for many years. This is the best program for those looking to make a serious change in their lifestyle. I can assure you that there is nothing like this out there and you won’t regret the time that you give to this program."

Allwin Agnel
Founder & CEO, PagalGuy.com

"Finding a solution to digital media distractions was the reason for me joining Reboot. I give full marks to Rajan's idea of creating a plan for digital media usage and a focused approach for creating good habits using a habit tracker. Planning a dedicated time slot for all the good habits that you want to build (reading, learning, music, time with kids, helping wife in the kitchen were the few I picked) benefited not just me but my entire family."

Saju G. Namboothiri
COO, ASIMOV Robotics

"The idea of learning bootcamp sounded interesting because I had tons of reading material piled up. So glad I signed up! During the bootcamp I completed 20 hrs of video content and half a book, and even solved related questions. The way the bootcamp is structured with the 25 minute pomodoro group study sessions where you study with full focus really helped me. The mental revision after each session also helped. I really felt a sense of accomplishment and happiness that I was on the right track and improving. I'd recommend the learning bootcamp to anyone who wants to continue learning but keeps putting it off."

Dr. Richa Singh
Strategic Initiatives Leader, GE Healthcare 

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