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Next batch: 25 oct

Become A Morning Person

(IST, EST, PST time zones)

Take back control of your day by starting your morning in the right way. Meditation, journaling, and workout — build a life-changing morning routine.


Next batch: 23 OCT

Deep Work & Flow

Looking for a way to stop doing 'busy' work and start doing productive work instead? Whether you want to work on a side hustle, solve a coding problem, or write a book — deep work is the only answer.

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Next batch: 25 oct


Combine a solid morning routine with a focused evening learning session. Push yourself towards game-changing transformation.


Next batch: 23 oct

Win Your Day

Get a head start on your day with a morning routine of meditation and journaling, followed by deep work sprints. Before 12 noon, ace your top priorities.

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Next batch: 25 oct

Extreme Focused Learning

Been procrastinating on your learning goals? Finish that course, that book, that certification — 28 days of focused learning is all it takes.


Next batch: END OF nov


Reboot - Digital Detox

Get rid of digital addictions. Rebuild your focus. Reclaim time from social media and start life afresh.


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Rajan shares insights from his own life journey to help you build better habits in yours.

What can you expect from our bootcamps?

"The Game Changer Bootcamp is the best program for those looking to make a serious change in their lifestyle. There is nothing else like this out there."

Allwin Agnel
Founder & CEO,
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"This bootcamp will go down in history as one of the best investments I ever made"

Rohan Shah

"I'd recommend the learning bootcamp to anyone who wants to continue learning but keeps putting it off."

Dr Richa Singh
Strategic Initiatives Leader, GE Healthcare
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"I feel like I'm back to school again, but very much voluntarily. This discipline of school + habit psychology + will to achieve a goal = recipe for success."

Omkar Gaikwad
Systems Engineer

"I took away so much in just one month. I think every professional must do this bootcamp."

Vijay Kumar
CEO, InApp Technologies
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A note from Rajan Singh

Our bootcamps combine habit-building psychology with my life lessons as a Police Commissioner, a McKinsey consultant, and an entrepreneur.


I have seen first-hand the magic of 5:00 am military-discipline and focus. 


At HabitStrong, we help you build a life of discipline, focus, and happiness. 

Rajan Singh
Founder, HabitStrong
IITian, Wharton MBA, ex-IPS officer

How it works

There's no magic. No fluff. Just real results.

Take action from Day One

No excuses, no compromise, no empty talk. With our scientific step-by-step roadmap, start changing your life from day one.

Cutting-edge habit psychology 

With our psychology-based approach, see real change in 4 weeks — no depending on external motivation and willpower.

A habit-building ecosystem

You are part of daily live sessions with your batch. This means you collaborate every day with a group of like-minded folks who are just as motivated to build a better life.

Subscribe to the HabitStrong newsletter

Rajan shares insights from his own life journey to help you build better habits in yours.