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Zero-compromise bootcamps to build discipline, focus, and a mind of steel.

No theory, no fluff, no BS. We make you act.

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GameChanger (Admissions open)

Next batch starts  1 Feb 2021

Extreme Focused Learning (Admissions open)

Next batch starts 1 Feb 2021

Struggling with habit-building?

Have you tried regularly working out, waking up early, or doing an online course, only to give up after 3-4 days? If yes, you need to build habits.

We need habits because motivation runs out quickly. However, building habits is hard. Just reading books and watching videos is not likely to help.  It is not enough to know 'what to do' - you need to act.

That is what our online bootcamps do - they make you act. Be it the 5 am routine, learning bootcamp, or digital detox - we combine military discipline with psychology to make you act.

We make life-changing habits stick, the hard way. Because that is the only way to do it. We won't bullshit and waste your time.  




Build morning routine, digital detox, and recultivate focus


Beat procrastination, set and achieve learning goals, start the day with a high.

Become a Morning Person

Build a morning routine with early wake-up, meditation, workout, and a planned day 

Rapidly complete your online courses and meet learning goals

Extreme Focused Learning

Get no-nonsense actionable advice in your inbox. 

No Spam. No Fluff. Only high quality insights.


Rajan Singh, Founder

Rajan is an IIT graduate and an MBA from Wharton. He has served in the Indian Police Service as Trivandrum Police Commissioner, as a McKinsey consultant, and as an investment professional with a private equity fund.

He is a discipline and routine fanatic.


For any query regarding our bootcamps, write to us at bootcamp@habitstrong.com

We're located in the tranquil capital of Kerala, Trivandrum. This is our address:

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