Zen Productivity

End work stress and long hours. Work calmer and faster.

Online self-paced program for calm productivity, with precise, step-by-step instructions

A unique 6-step process that truly works in the real world

From killer stress, to calm productivity

Get value worth 100x the fee in just a few months

Work 30-50% faster, and fewer hours

  • Do a lot more, without distractions and interruptions.
  • Focus on one thing at a time and actually finish it!

Make 5-10x greater impact

  • Tackle important things first. Don’t get sucked into random busyness.
  • Unlock peak performance with flow.

Inculcate focus and deep work

  • Focus for long periods on tasks that matter.
  • Fight back interruptions. Stop feeling scattered.

Go from stress to calm

  • Work without overwhelm, no matter how long the to-do list
  • Lower stress, find mental calm, end the chaos

Don’t drown in work. Live your best life

  • Draw work-life boundaries. Protect leisure time.
  • Spend time with loved ones and doing what you love.

Success without burnout

  • Crush your career goals, without late nights and burnout
  • Juggle work, family, and passion projects – like a pro

Our 6-step method

Step-by-step, precise instructions. No guesswork, no time waste.


Adopt an easy, powerful productivity system that really works.


Choose the right task at the right time to deliver maximum impact.


Do deep work with extreme focus. Get into flow and do 2-3x more work.


Deal with interruptions in a way that your time and attention are not fragmented.


Cut down the time wasted on meetings.


Train your mind for focus and calm using meditation exercises.

Why Zen is a productivity game-changer

Why choose this program?

It REALLY works

Meticulously crafted step-by-step guidance, with foolproof checklists, spreadsheets, screenshots, examples, and demo videos. No room for ambiguity – you know exactly what to do next. Rigorously tested and it really works!

Designed for the digital age

Be productive amid non-stop interruptions, distractions, and busyness, by carving out focus time.

Scientific and intuitive

This program, based on neuroscience and human behavior, clearly explains each step. It is straightforward to implement, unlike other complicated jazzy systems.

No fluff, all action

Just close your eyes and follow our instructions meticulously – your productivity will shoot up.

Rapid results

Right after Step 1, in the first week or two, your productivity will soar, and anxiety and overwhelm will decline.

Speaking from experience -- not bookish theory

HabitStrong’s founder (Rajan Singh) extensively tested and experimented with these ideas, learning the hard way, before coming up with this program.

Comprehensive and complete

Once you subscribe to this program, you need nothing else. Just follow the instructions without compromise and see your life change.

How does this program work?

What you will do:

  • Do the pre-program diagnostic quiz
  • Go through video lessons (and jot down key points)
  • Do the homework and other exercises
  • Ask questions and customize the productivity system to fit your needs
  • At each step, a checklist ensures you don’t miss any action step
  • We help you measure outcomes for each step, before moving to the next
  • End with a post-program diagnostic quiz – see impact for real

What you will get:

  • 100+ Video lessons, 10 modules
  • Pre and post-program productivity diagnostic
  • Exercises, templates, screencast videos
  • Answer to all your questions
  • All updates during your access period
  • Live Q&A and troubleshooting sessions on Zoom for Zen Premium and Zen Exclusive


Introduction and foundation
  • Understanding productivity
  • Common productivity mistakes
  • Neuroscience of productivity
  • Logistics and how to go about the program
Step 1: System
  • Basics of a visual productivity system
  • Key underlying principles of the system
  • Best practices, hacks, and tips
  • Guidelines for effectively using the system and avoiding pitfalls (e.g., perils of artificial deadlines).
  • Capturing and clarifying tasks
  • Customizing and enhancing the productivity system
Step 2: Priority
  • Understanding prioritization
  • Bottom up vs. top down prioritization, when and how to use them
  • Practical aspects of prioritization and handling common pitfalls
  • Which task to pick for execution
Step 3: Deep work
  • Understanding deep work and why it is hard
  • Hidden cost of interruptions
  • How multitasking destroys productivity
  • Two approaches to focus building
  • Focus sprint rituals: Theory, practice, and guidance
  • Taking effective breaks
  • Creating and implementing a deep work plan
  • Handling practical obstacles to deep work
  • How companies can inculcate the culture of deep work
Step 4: Interruptions
  • No. 1 enemy of team productivity: Emails and messages
  • Obstacles in eliminating interruptions
  • Creating an ‘interruption inventory’
  • Preparing and implementing an ‘interruption handling plan’
  • How companies can bring down interruptions
Step 5: Meetings
  • The hidden cost of meetings
  • Types of wasteful meetings
  • Practical challenges in eliminating meeting waste
  • Eliminating select meetings, cutting down attendees
  • Making meetings efficient, best practices
Step 6: Mind training
  • Common obstacles to focus and productivity
  • Cut down mind-wandering, sharpen focus
  • Meditation exercises
  • Using breath awareness and meditation for productivity
  • Handling exhaustion and agitation
  • Handling anxiety




  • 12-month access
  • Unlimited email Q&A support
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  • 18 months access
  • Unlimited email Q&A support
  • 8 Group Q&A and troubleshooting sessions



  • Six 1-on-1 executive coaching sessions
  • 24 months access
  • Unlimited email Q&A support
  • Unlimited Group Q&A and troubleshooting sessions
  • Suitable for CXOs



  • Custom-delivered to transform a team of up to 20
  • 3 months coaching, extensive hand-holding
  • Full remote support
  • For > 20 participants, we can offer custom plans

What our participants say

Shivaprasad Byakod
Sr. Architect, Discover Financial Services

Before this program, I constantly felt overwhelmed and distracted. This program has been a game-changer. Its systematic and scientific approach has reduced my information overload, and my productivity has skyrocketed. In just 2-3 weeks, I saw myself producing better quality work and more insightful solutions. Even my manager praised my rapid improvement! I feel a sense of accomplishment, an elevated state of mind, and better control of my day. I am more productive than ever before.

Amit Prakash
HR Lead, Videojet

Attending the Zen Productivity program has immensely enhanced my productivity. It helped me focus on high-impact work and consistently engage in deep work sessions, which has significantly increased my efficiency. By becoming more mindful about managing emails and prioritizing tasks, I’ve experienced less stress and better control over my day. This sense of accomplishment has positively impacted my personal life, making me happier and improving my overall quality of life. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to be more organized, structured, and productive.

Siddharth Sinha
Software Engineer, Amazon

Joining the Zen Productivity program blew my mind. The shift from a messy, overwhelmed state to a structured, prioritized approach has been transformative. Writing things down relaxes my mind, and task filtering has improved my overall impact. My efficiency jumped from less than 1 to between 3.5 and 4 out of 5. Deep work sessions have made tasks seem easy, and I’m now completing them 5x faster. Handling stress is better, and I’m focusing more on high-impact tasks. This program has truly sorted my life, both professionally and personally.

Shashwat Garg
Founder, Archus

Before the Zen Productivity program, I was nearing burnout, constantly chasing tasks on my calendar. This program has been a game-changer, allowing me to work far fewer hours and enjoy my work much more. I now feel a greater sense of peace and calm, making me more productive and energetic. The program taught me how to focus effectively, resulting in massive improvements in my work quality. The deep work and prioritization techniques have brought better clarity and made my work feel more meaningful. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to transform their work life.

Senthilvelan Natarajan
Global Head (AI Platform Solutions), TCS

Within weeks, my distractions were down by 50%, and my focus doubled. The simple, well-choreographed sessions made implementing techniques easy. The deep work sessions, prioritization methods, and other tools introduced in the program significantly improved my workflow and confidence. It boosted my productivity and brought happiness and balance to my life. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to boost efficiency and satisfaction in both their professional and personal life.

Kapil Khurana
School Governance Lead, CSF

HabitStrong’s Zen Productivity course left me incredibly grateful for the insights Rajan provided. His teachings were deep yet accessible, blending philosophy with practical application. The program helped us experience transformative focus and deep work, achieving tasks that seemed impossible before. Rajan’s lessons exponentially boosted my output and brought joy and harmony to my work/life balance. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, knowledge worker, or student, this program will tap into your deepest productivity and creative flow. The return on investment is immeasurable.

Why I created this program

The inside story

All my professional life, I have battled overwhelming workloads—whether as the police commissioner of Trivandrum City or today, as an entrepreneur. I have tried every productivity system— to-do lists, apps, calendar scheduling, and software like Asana and Trello. But nothing worked — at the start, every system seemed promising but soon became a complicated mess.

Finally, after years of research and testing, I developed a unique productivity system that gave me a sense of control and lowered my anxiety. Today, despite running a busy startup, I work fewer hours than ever before. This life-changing system is what I bring to you through Zen Productivity

Our promise

Our founder (Rajan Singh) will personally answer your every question during the access period. No matter how peculiar your problem is, you won’t struggle – we will help you customize the program to your needs.

This Q&A support will make the program as effective as having an elite personal coach to guide you in fixing your productivity. so you can make it REALLY work for you.

With a 4-week refund, this program is a no-regret move

We are confident that this program will give you a productivity surge. So confident in fact, that we give you a 4-week refund period to evaluate the program.

That way, instead of guessing if this program is right for you, you can sign up and see for yourself – 4 weeks is more than enough time to do that.

And if you feel that this program is not right for you, just send us an email within 4 weeks and we refund you 100% – no questions asked.

Who is this program for?

Ambitious folks seeking growth without burnout

Individuals who are driven and aim high, but wary of the toll that constant stress and overwork can take on their health and long-term success.

Busy corporate executives

Professionals juggling demanding roles and packed schedules, struggling to find time for personal well-being.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers

Self-starters and independent workers who are struggling to manage their time effectively, often blurring the lines between work and personal life.

Companies looking for a productivity transformation

Organizations looking to cut waste, improve execution, increase bottom line, and enhance employee well-being.

Can I find time for this program if I’m really busy?

 This program is specifically designed for busy people

After completing Step 1 itself, you will see a solid increase in your productivity and will recover way more time than you would have invested. And with every subsequent step, you will only save more time.

More importantly, you will be calm, in control, and more focused. The busier you are, the more you will benefit from this program.