Rajan Singh, Founder

Rajan is an IIT graduate and an MBA from Wharton. He has served in the Indian Police Service as Trivandrum Police Commissioner, as a McKinsey consultant, and as an investment professional with a private equity fund.​

He is a discipline and routine fanatic.

About me

After studying electrical engineering for four long years at IIT Kanpur, I figured that I had had enough of current and voltage. Seeking some adventure, I soon joined the Indian Police Service and was assigned to serve the state of Kerala.

I loved Kerala except for one thing: The use of coconut oil for cooking; it torments me to this day.

I served as one of the youngest and longest-serving Police Commissioners of Trivandrum City. But soon even that got boring and I was craving another adventure.

I then left the Indian Police Service and joined the MBA program at Wharton. Now, I finally decoded all the business jargon I was hearing all my life. In fact, I loved the jargon so much that I decided to inflict it myself on the business world. I therefore joined the ranks of consultants at McKinsey, in New York.

Here is the delicious irony: With zero corporate experience, my job was to help business leaders figure out how to run their businesses better. Such is life.

After further meandering through life as a private equity investor and an entrepreneur, I now run HabitStrong.

I am fanatic about discipline and routine. I love running and meditation. One day, I want to live in the mountains, with no Wi-Fi connectivity. I wake up every day at around 4:30 am and believe that when it comes to changing your life, there is nothing more powerful than a solid morning routine.

HabitStrong happened by accident, albeit a happy one. Here goes the story behind it.

The HabitStrong story

One day, in early 2020, I created a video inviting anyone wanting to build a 5 am routine, to join me live on YouTube sharp at 5 am, for a 30-day challenge. The next day, when I started YouTube Live, to my surprise, a few people were already waiting!

I ran this initiative for the next 100 days. And almost every single person who finished the 30-day challenge said that the experience was life-changing.

To be honest, it wasn’t a total surprise to me. Personally, I have found the 5 am routine to be a game-changer. In the middle of the toughest bouts of stress, and anxiety, this routine has energized me to crush these problems. If it works for me, it has to work for everyone.

I then had my first epiphany: If we can help people build routines that forge iron-discipline, we can change their lives.

Our First Bootcamp – Reboot

We then rolled out our first batch of Reboot, our digital detox program. We wanted 25 volunteers but got 300 applications. Every participant who finished said that the bootcamp was life-changing. Here is their feedback. (The bootcamp was run under ConceptOwl brand since HabitStrong brand was not launched yet.)

We went from strength to strength, and created bootcamps for focused learning, morning routine, etc. Most people who complete these bootcamps find them life-changing.

We really change lives. No fluff.

We believe that there is a lot of theory out there for changing our lives; there are a ton of ideas in the books and videos. But even after all the books and videos, most of us are stumped about what to do next or how to find the energy and the guidance to make change happen.

That is what we do at HabitStrong — we make change happen. No empty talk here. Just scientific program design combined with iron-discipline. That is how we change the lives of our participants.

If you are ready to commit to change your life, come join us. Come with determination and we will make change happen. We make no excuses nor do we accept any.

Let’s do it.