Pain of Regrets

One of the small regrets I have in life is that I never did a commando training course.

When I finished my IPS training I was very fit and I thought about doing a commando course. And it was very easy for me to do that – I could literally have picked any course and gotten nominated for it.

But everyone said doing a commando course was pointless – you don’t need that in the IPS. And they were right. But that was the whole point – I was not thinking of doing it to advance my career but just for that experience.

After a few years into the IPS, I was so much into the grind of the job that I forgot all about the commando training. In some sense, I got ‘domesticated’ 🙂

And ever since, this has remained as a mild regret. Even today, when I go for my morning runs in Trivandrum, I often see the commandos from the local army unit doing their morning run — and I always feel that longing.

The lesson I learned is that if you really want to do something, do it. Don’t let other people’s opinion drive your thinking.

Sometimes, it better to be foolish than to one day look back and say, “I wish I had done that.”

– Rajan

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