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You don’t need a billion

After reading about some unicorn founders recently indulging in financial fraud, I was wondering, what prompts such highly accomplished people to do that? One reason is that we have glorified unlimited greed. Today, it is not enough to have 10 crores or 100 crores –...

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How to sustain habits?

In 2009, when I quit McKinsey, I was at my unhealthiest. For the previous 10 years, through various jobs and my MBA, I had worked long back-breaking hours and had stopped exercising. On top of that, I was chronically sleep-deprived. I was so unfit then that I couldn't...

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Carve your own path

One of my best friends had joined the 5-year MSc Physics program at IIT Kanpur. He loved physics but his parents were very unhappy with his decision. They considered a science degree sub-par even though the physics program at IITK was highly coveted. They wanted their...

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Motivation is not the same as excitement.

I am not always excited about building my startup. But does that mean I am not motivated? Of course, I am. Motivation is not the same as excitement. Excitement is a temporary feeling that changes hour to hour. Motivation is the steady, underlying desire to achieve a...

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How to overcome stress?

How to overcome stress: 1. Whatever be the reason behind the stress, it manifests in your body by activating your Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). 2. Once your SNS is activated, blood is diverted from the peripheral parts of the body to your big muscle groups (e.g.,...

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Be exceptional

During a taxi ride back from my office in New York City, the driver asked me, “So what do you do?” When I told him that I was a consultant, he asked, “IT consultant?” I hastily corrected him, “No, no… I am a strategy consultant.” In those days, IT or technology was...

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In a marketing class, our business school professor once told us – "The world doesn’t owe you anything just because you went to Wharton." This is one lesson I have always cherished – we are not entitled to anything regardless of which college we went to or what job we...

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Keep Learning

A few years ago, in a South Bombay office complex, I saw a notice on a door – “Salesmen and interns not allowed.” It left me wondering, why are we so hostile to salesmen and interns? Why do we treat them as a nuisance? One thing to remember is that we all have been...

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A Good Leader

When I was in the police force, the best leaders I worked with had one common quality – they were not bossy at all. Usually, when we think of ‘good leaders’, we imagine charismatic people with magnetic personalities. But the leaders I cherish were the ones who were...

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Nobody is Born Wise

During my days as a consultant, I often found the first few days of a client engagement mortifying. In the initial meetings, the clients would bombard us with jargon and technical details that I struggled to understand. But I was too scared to clarify because I did...

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Take charge of your life

A video game maker would love it if you spend 12 hrs a day playing their game. A social media company would love it if you check their app every five minutes. They don't care if you are miserable. They don't care if your mental health is failing. They are not on your...

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Professional success

During our college placement season, many of us were fixated on the salaries. If a company offered even Rs 2,000 more, it felt infinitely more attractive. But looking back, the initial salary had practically zero correlation with how well people did in life. Some who...

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