Recipe for simplifying life

Over the years, I have discovered this recipe for simplifying life and getting rid of melodrama. Allow me to share it:

1. Don’t chase goals at the cost of ‘peace of mind.’

2. Your health comes first – mental and physical. Everything else comes fifth (or lower).

3. Live within your means – don’t get caught up in showing off. Tell yourself, ‘I am too smart for that.’

4. Only do things that make sense – don’t chase optics. E.g., far too many entrepreneurs waste their life trying to impress investors or sound cool. Waste of time, if you ask me.

5. Focus on your journey – you don’t have to defeat others to win. Success is not a zero-sum game – it never was.

6. Never borrow to consume. ‘Debt’ is ‘death.’

7. Bonus tip: Live in a low-cost city, if at all possible.

– Rajan

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