Living without regrets

After serving a few years in the Indian Police Service (IPS), I felt like a (very comfortable) frog in a well, missing out on so many experiences the world has to offer. So instead of living with regret, I quit IPS.

What followed was a long struggle, first as a student and then as a newbie restarting my career – but that’s ok. Nothing in life comes free.

During my stint as a private equity investor, meeting all these amazing entrepreneurs, I often thought – ‘Am I going to just wonder what it is like to be an entrepreneur? Or will I take a plunge?’

One again, I gave up the job I enjoyed the most to become an entrepreneur — and I lived without a salary for years.

I am not suggesting that constraints don’t matter – when one has a family to feed, loans to repay, or aged parents to care for, some things may just not be possible.

But quite often, what stops us is not the worldly constraints, but the fear in our mind.

Personally, I don’t want to live my life wondering what things would have been like had I tried. I would rather try, even if I fail.

Living a life of regret defeats the whole point of living.


– Rajan

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