Temptation Bundling

A colleague of mine has been working out for an hour a day on her gym’s elliptical machine – and yet, she hates it. How does she do it then?

While working out, she watches episodes of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ on her Netflix app – that is how. Since she enjoy the show, it becomes so much easier to keep working out.

In habit-building, this technique is called ‘temptation bundling’ – you bundle something you love doing with something you want to do but find unpleasant.

The reason I am sharing this real example is that we often struggle with building good habits and keep looking for hacks. We don’t need any hacks – such simple yet common-sense ideas really, really work.

So next time you want to make gymming pleasant, try it out. Don’t wait for any magic – the real magic is already inside us – we just need to unleash it.

– Rajan

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