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Today, after days of rain-enforced break, my hour-long run felt like meditation. And those 60 mins flipped a switch -- I felt calm, focused, and in control. We can start our day in two ways: Either start by checking WhatsApp, Instagram, and the like, unleashing...

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Beyond speed

"At 60 miles an hour, the loudest noise in the new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock" In 1958, David Ogilvy wrote the above ad headline. To date, nobody has written a better automobile ad. How much time did it take to write these 17 words? Three weeks. Yep,...

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Peace of mind

Last week, I jokingly asked my colleague, Nisha, “Does it bother you that we are not chasing the unicorn tag at HabitStrong?” She said, “Even if my neighbor built a unicorn, I couldn’t care less. What matters to me is that I look forward to our work -- it should not...

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When I was writing my MBA application essays for US B-Schools, I found myself in a fix. Throughout school and college, I hadn’t written even one page of half-decent prose. How would I write these highly demanding essays? Fortunately, Vinod Thomas, my friend and IPS...

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Learn to respect, not to fear

One day during a finance class of Prof David Wessels at Wharton, suddenly, the classroom door flew open and a hefty guy entered with a cardboard box in his hand. The interrupted class sat in stunned silence -- we were all staring at that guy. But without missing a...

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Change your beliefs

Two decades ago, I was sitting with a good friend and college senior who had recently relocated to Trivandrum after a PhD in the US. He was talking about how much he missed running and how moving back to India had disrupted that habit. I asked him, “Why not restart?...

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90% of the battle

I don’t need the motivation to run 10km — I need just enough to put on my running shoes. 90% of the battle is getting started. Yet, sometimes, even putting on the shoes feels hard. Here is my favorite hack, but before that, we need to know some neuroscience. Think of...

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Growing up, when I was facing my life’s first major exam (IITJEE), I was virtually biting my nails. I would often ponder, “What if I don’t make it? Would I have any future?” We were not an affluent family. Nobody in our family had been to college -- my sister and I...

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Recognize excellence beyond academic

My de-facto co-founder at HabitStrong, Nisha Salim, is brilliant but often runs into a problem -- she does not have a degree from any tier-1 college. She has been way better than any pedigreed folks we have hired from IIT/IIM etc., but investors have often been...

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Small steps for lasting change

When starting my MBA at Wharton, I kept telling myself, “Don’t ruin it again. This is the last chance.” Earlier, I had ruined my 4 years at IIT -- bunking classes, always falling behind, cramming before exams to barely get a passing grade. But this time, the stakes...

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It was my most amazing project at McKinsey. And yet, just when things were looking great, they went downhill. Here is what happened. This was the kind of project consulting firms talk about in their advertisement brochures -- we were advising the CEO and the brilliant...

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