Passive income

There is a new fashion in town: bad-mouth 9-to-5 jobs and glorify passive income.

It is as if we can all quit our jobs and just create an online course or something like that, and money will start rolling in. I think that is total nonsense.

I am all for creating a secondary income stream, if you can. But people who are evangelizing the idea are not telling you how hard it is to market any product. Only a very small fraction of ‘passive income’ seekers actually succeed.

Further, people who actually create ‘passive income’ spend an enormous amount of time, money, and effort selling their products – that income is hardly passive.

There is nothing wrong with regular jobs – I have done that and learned an amazing amount. And it is stupid to say that freelancing (or entrepreneurship) is the only valid way to make a living.

Only you can tell what is right for you. And for 95% of us, the right answer is a regular job.

Don’t fall for the ‘passive income’ bait and start looking down on your job – it will be a blunder.

– Rajan

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