Grind Behind Glamour

During my IPS training, we were excitedly waiting for the weapons training, imagining how we would be gloriously firing and hitting targets in the firing range. However, here is how the real training happens. First, you are taught the different parts of the weapon....

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Mindfulness and Acceptance

In my life, I have never craved anything as desperately as I craved admission into IIT. Yet, once I heard my IITJEE rank, I felt absolutely nothing. No euphoria, no joy, no sadness - I just felt totally blank. Sure it was a relief, but I did not celebrate for even 5...

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One of my best managers at McKinsey announced on day-1 of the client engagement, “Guys, let us aim to make it a 9 to 5 engagement – I mean 9 to 5 pm, not 5 am!” We had never been able to do that on any engagement – least of all, on a super-intense, two-week due...

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Pain now vs. Pain later

Going to the gym is painful. Preparing for an exam is painful. Doing the hard thing is painful. But here is the problem – the choice is not between pain and joy, but between 'pain now' vs. 'pain later.' Instead of preparing for an upcoming exam, we can surely slack...

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Every job deserves respect

Today, I lead a 10-member team at HabitStrong. Many years ago, I headed a team of 3,500 people when I was the Trivandrum City Police commissioner. So which responsibility was harder? Naturally, running the City Police, right? Nope. Even though I had a team of 3,500...

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The new job security

When I first thought of quitting my job, what troubled me the most was not the loss of salary but the loss of ‘business card.’ Till then, had someone asked me what I did for a living, I always had a good answer – “I work with a private equity fund.” Even prior to...

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Brevity in writing

During our induction training at McKinsey, a senior director once walked into our training room. To emphasize the importance of brevity in writing, he said, “When God gave his commandments to Moses, he needed only ten bullet points. And you are not even God! Why do...

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Take charge of your life

A video game maker would love it if you spend 12 hrs a day playing their game. A social media company would love it if you check their app every five minutes. They don't care if you are miserable. They don't care if your mental health is failing. They are not on your...

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