The new job security

When I first thought of quitting my job, what troubled me the most was not the loss of salary but the loss of ‘business card.’ Till then, had someone asked me what I did for a living, I always had a good answer – “I work with a private equity fund.” Even prior to...

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Brevity in writing

During our induction training at McKinsey, a senior director once walked into our training room. To emphasize the importance of brevity in writing, he said, “When God gave his commandments to Moses, he needed only ten bullet points. And you are not even God! Why do...

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Take charge of your life

A video game maker would love it if you spend 12 hrs a day playing their game. A social media company would love it if you check their app every five minutes. They don't care if you are miserable. They don't care if your mental health is failing. They are not on your...

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