How the ‘complexity bias’ is sabotaging us

Many years ago, I got intrigued by the US Navy SEALs, who go through arguably the world's most grueling military training. It includes, among other things, an infamous ‘hell week,’ where for five-and-a-half days, the trainees go through a non-stop physical grind with...

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How to prevent time theft?

I have practically no memory of what happened yesterday morning. No, I wasn’t drunk or unconscious. But yesterday’s forenoon was a blur. All I remember is writing a post on LinkedIn. Then I checked emails and soon got sucked into a bunch of small tasks. One thing led...

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To quit or not – when and why should you quit

LinkedIn is ablaze with posts that tell you, “Never quit.” But probably the biggest mistake I have made as an entrepreneur is not quitting when I should have. Let me share this story which started in 2012 when I quit my job and launched CourseBrew, my first startup. I...

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