Should we seek work-life balance?

This question is controversial – hence worth talking about. Let us start by dissecting it further. When we talk about balancing work and life, we assume that they are in conflict – that one of them comes at the cost of the other. And somehow, we need to find that...

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How to become insanely good at anything

The solution might sound straightforward: Practice, practice, and more practice. But not so fast. It does not work that way. To convince you, let me share a personal experience. My daughter started playing the violin in 5th grade. When kids start practicing, what...

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How to break out of a rut

I don’t know if you have ever been in a rut but I have. There was this one particular year in school, which I totally whiled away without studying. It was not that I was caught up in some bad habits or delinquent behavior, but somehow, I could just not break my...

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How to learn effectively

I am doing a 5-course specialization on Coursera and I finished almost 6 weeks' worth of material in 3-4 days. Impressive, no? Actually, not – in fact, I am regretting it. Initially, I was jotting down the key points and recapping as I learned. But I was in such a...

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