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Start living today

We hear so much talk about life after death. But what about life before death? Are we truly living this very life? We desperately look for water on Mars, and rightly so. But what about another planet with ample water? Are we doing enough to...

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Umbrella for stress

Early morning today, when I woke up, my head was buzzing with anxiety. It happens often but I was not too worried -- I knew what to do next. Within 10 minutes of commencing my meditation, I could suddenly sense my mind calming down -- it felt like...

Unlocking happiness with gratitude

In sixth grade, I started wearing glasses, and then began my nightmare. While playing, I would get sweaty and the glasses would keep slipping and falling, occasionally cracking the lens. Also, I would keep crushing and twisting them inadvertently...

Conquering with consistency

In my first year programming course in Pascal at IIT Kanpur, I learned a few life lessons -- some of which I regretted for a long time. In the first few weeks of the course, I paid little attention to the lectures. But as the dreaded mid-semester...

Mindset for accomplishment

In 2009, during my consulting days, a team member who was a former US Army officer, once casually told me that she would be running a marathon the coming weekend. Even though I had done long-distance runs, I used to think of a marathon as something...

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