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Mind Over Matter

During my stint as a consultant with McKinsey, late nights were the norm. However, after a lot of generalist work, to pursue my passion for finance, I opted for a 3-month rotation with a Corporate Finance specialist group in New York. This new...

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Focus on one thing at a time

If you have to shoot two birds in the sky, what should you do? If you try to shoot both at the same time, you will shoot in the middle and miss both. The right answer is obvious: Shoot one by one. But if you focus on one of them, won't the other...

Are you learning daily?

A McKinsey colleague once told me a funny yet sad story of this old lady working at a client company. He had to meet her a few times with some data requests. Since she used to always appear busy and overworked, he asked her what her job was. Turns...

A lesson in focus from the army

Here is a powerful lesson in focus and getting things done, from an age-old army tactic - 'bayonet-charge'. During a bayonet charge, army units are trained to scream their war cry like maniacs. Why is that? Because if they attacked silently, the...

Read this before jumping into entrepreneurship

Before you quit your job and become an entrepreneur to earn untold riches, please read this story. In the early 2000s, when I was serving as the Trivandrum Police Commissioner, my office staff one day asked me, 'Sir, can we send our office jeep to...

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