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Face your fears

I spent my 4 years at IIT mostly lazing around, wasting my time. But I had other classmates who slogged hard. In the final year, most hard-working guys had great career options lined up, including scholarships from some top US universities. I told...

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HabitStrong Scaling

Our obsession with 'billion' has made us lose touch with reality. If you are building a startup, it HAS to be a unicorn. If you are an entrepreneur,...

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We all start from the same baseline — “Zero.”

I took up my last job at a private equity fund after quitting McKinsey. I soon found that I had no idea about the jargon they were using. I had not even heard terms like Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and termsheet. In fact, once by mistake, I told...

When you take up something, do it like your life depends on it.

I would attribute half of my struggles and disappointments in my startup journey to just one factor: “Doing too many things.” This may seem weird – aren’t you supposed to do a lot of things in a startup? No, no, no. Don’t do that, please. And this...

Are 24 hours enough?

Last Friday, I figured that 24 hrs was not enough for me – there was way too much to do. So I ran this experiment: 1. I picked a priority task (something I absolutely had to get done). 2. I told myself, ‘Let everything else wait – let me just do...

When you are learning, there is no senior or junior.

I started my MBA 10 years after completing my B Tech. And since most of my classmates were much younger, I felt a bit like a dinosaur (in a not-so-cool way). If fact, I did derive some mischievous pleasure when I found classmates even more...

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