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Never underestimate any task

During my stint with the Indian Police Service, I handled a ton of riots, violent mobs, and civil disturbances. When you keep doing that day-in and day-out, naturally, the whole routine becomes quite familiar. Despite that, I would try to never take anything for...

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Random chance

Once, during my stint with McKinsey, an HR recruiter from the New York office once asked me if I could help shortlist a few resumes for interviews. The applicants were all from top B-Schools (Harvard, Columbia, MIT, Wharton, etc.) and every resume looked stellar. All...

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The path to greatness

Learning new skills is hard. Learning daily is hard. But you don't climb Mt. Everest by watching National Geographic. You get there by pushing yourself every day, for years. To do big things, we don't need one-day heroism -- we need to go through the daily grind, even...

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Focus on the Process

As a kid, during our train travels, when we got close to the destination, I would be constantly pestering my parents, "When will the station arrive?" And in that process, I would totally miss out on the fun of the journey or the beautiful scenery outside the train....

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Be a good human being

There is no such thing as 'karma' - good deeds don't always generate tangible rewards. What goes around, need not come around. One might then ask: If good deeds don't create good karma, why should we do good things? Because they are 'good'; because we want to be...

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Experience is overrated

When I first met my Inspector General of Police (IGP) after taking charge as Trivandrum Police Commissioner, he went on a rant. He said, "I don't know how the government posted you here and how you will handle such a tough assignment. This is really stupid. When I...

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Changing perspectives

A few years ago, I was on a flight from Jaipur to Bangalore. As soon as the flight took off, the plane ran into the kind of turbulence I had never encountered before -- it was getting violently tossed up and down. Sometimes, it felt like the plane was in free fall for...

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Overcome FOMO

In the early 2000s, I got into the habit of regularly watching TV. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong per se with that, but at some point, I started feeling anxious that I would miss out on some new episode or some upcoming movie. In those days, I had not heard...

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Is your time worth $1?

A few years ago, WhatsApp wanted to charge an annual subscription fee of $1 but later gave up on the plan. Why? Had they charged $1 a year, many would have stopped using the app. But let us do the following exercise: 1. Estimate the time we daily spend on WhatsApp. 2....

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Companies must encourage focus

If we want employees to do great work, we have to stop expecting them to respond to every email or message instantly, for which they have to constantly interrupt themselves and check their phones/laptops. It is almost like having to open the door of your house every 5...

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Carve your own path

The best course I did at IIT was not from Electrical Engg but humanities. In those days, the humanities course allotment was done first-come-first-served. Hence, laggards like me who showed up just before the closing time would get the last available course. In the...

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