Life is an unpredictable journey

In 2011, I met this struggling entrepreneur who had come to us for fundraising. At that time, I was working with a large private equity fund.

Since we made only large investments (at least Rs 200 Cr), his startup was too small for us. Moreover, his company was not making money and it looked like a dead end.

We were alumni of the same college and I felt really bad but could not be of any help.

And that is the sad note on which his story ended.

No, I am just kidding. Today he runs a business worth a few billion dollars — a mega-unicorn. Here is what happened.

His original startup did not go very far. But a few years later, he launched another startup and today, many of us use his product (I am holding back the details for privacy reasons).

As I secretly admire his success, I realize that many would have written him off just a decade ago. But we forget that a person is much more than his current startup or job.

Even if your startup or job feels like a dead-end, it doesn’t make you a failure — you have the power to change your fate.

Change your startup idea shamelessly if the current one isn’t working. If you hate your job, keep skilling up — you will find a better one.

Don’t give up on your big dreams but don’t hesitate to change your path to reach them.

Life is a great leveler — what is down, will someday be up.

Don’t ever write yourself off.

– Rajan

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