Tomorrow never comes

In the final years of my schooling, I became a chronic procrastinator when it came to studying. Every day, I resolved to start ‘tomorrow’, but as they say — tomorrow never comes.

For reasons I can’t understand even now, I had completely lost my focus — it is not that I was caught up in some bad habits or in the wrong company.

For the first time in my life, I disappointed my parents. My mother would get angry at me once in a while but my dad would never say anything — even today, he is like that.

Thankfully, just in time, I realized my folly and worked really hard for a year to crack IITJEE with a decent rank.

After I got into IIT, one day I asked my father, “Were you not disappointed with me? You never said anything.”

He replied, “I did feel let down, but what could I say?”

Sometimes, our loved ones aren’t very expressive. But even when they don’t say much, they still feel just as much.

They are the ones we should look out for, for they won’t speak up for themselves.

– Rajan


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