Getting started is painful

I love running. But I also hate running. Let me explain.

Once I am done with a long run, it is pure bliss. Running is my drug (in a really good, positive way).

And yet, incredibly, my mind sometimes resists getting started with the run. This especially happens when some injury or travel breaks my running streak. However, once I get started, I invariably push through and complete my run.

Why does my mind resist something I actually love. Because the initial part (getting started) is painful, while the bliss only comes later. And our mind wants the gratification instantly — now, now, now… not later.

A lot of good things in life are like that — the hard part comes first, while the benefits come later. In fact, many of these ‘hard part coming first’ things could make our lives more fun and meaningful.

That is why we make new year’s resolutions and keep breaking them.

But here is a fantasy — what if we somehow built the capacity to act on our resolve regardless of how we felt at that time? Would that not open up our life to almost infinite possibilities?


– Rajan


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