Beyond comfort zones

One fine day in 2012, when I quit my job, the monthly SMS stopped — no more salary updates saying ‘Rs XYZ has been credited to your bank account.’

No more business class flights. No more business cards. In fact, on the 1st of every month, I was the one writing cheques to fund my startup’s expenses.

For the next few years, I struggled badly. I moved to a smaller house since I couldn’t afford the rental. Every coming day was uncertain.

Earlier, when I had given up the lifetime employment of IPS, at least I knew that after an MBA from Wharton, I will find a really good job. Now I had given up that very job.

So why choose uncertainty or struggle?

Sometimes, we have to ask ourselves — “How do we want to use our time on this planet?”

Personally, I want to explore interesting things and learn new stuff. But you can’t explore without taking a risk.

When it came to choosing between the risk of getting hurt vs. the risk of not fully living my life, I chose the former.

Today, while I am very happy running HabitStrong, I have had unbelievable struggles before that — that is what risk means. You can’t climb a mountain without the risk of getting hurt.

Sometimes, the risk of a life not fully lived is too high a price.

– Rajan


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