A Learning Hack

Here is a learning hack I have successfully tried, especially during my MBA exams. I would often wake up very early (e.g., 3 am), study for two hours or so, and then again sleep for an hour or two.

I would then go write the exam, and invariably, those 2 hrs of early morning learning were a game-changer.

I find that immediately after waking up, my mind is fresh and I can absorb a lot more, and a lot faster.

In a different way, I have tried this also during my prep for the Civil Services exam. In the beginning, I used to do late-night studies. Then I switched to sleeping a bit earlier and waking up early – and I found that my learning efficacy shot up.

Here is a suggestion: If you waste a chunk of evening time on mindless scrolling, switch off an hour earlier than you usually do, and wake up an hour earlier.

Use that morning hour for learning, meditation, or whatever you find meaningful.

Try it out for a few days and see how it changes your life.

It is a small little step, but these small things add up to a big change. Small is sometimes bigger than big.

– Rajan

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