Career and Contentment

At my last job with a PE fund, one of my bosses (Victor Menezes) joined Citibank as a fresher, later became its global CEO, and retired as the Senior Vice Chairman of Citigroup – a financial services conglomerate.

He retired so successful and rich that he donated a few million dollars for a convention center at IIT Bombay (named after him).

I once asked him why he did not change jobs. He shared an old saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Cliched, but true. In short, he loved working with Citi.

If you find a company where you are respected, valued, and growing, you are extraordinarily lucky.

It is ok to switch jobs – I have myself switched a few times and have absolutely no regrets.

But if you land in the right place, it is perfectly alright to stay long-term. Don’t change jobs just because of the FOMO caused by everybody around you switching jobs.

There is no one right answer. Do what is right for you.

– Rajan

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