Home is Home

When I quit my job with McKinsey in New York, I moved back to India. And there were many reasons for the move – personal and family.

But there was one more reason: Though I loved it in the US and people were exceptionally kind and polite, somehow, I could never feel the intimacy. Even when surrounded by people, I did not feel connected. It felt lonely.

On the other hand, in India, I live in Kerala where I don’t even know the language that well. Yet, I feel connected with the people even when I am not talking to them – just being around others makes you feel that.

I remember once talking to an Afghan cab driver in the US. I asked him how he liked it there. He said he was very comfortable and the kids were doing very well, but he said, “In the end, there is nothing like your home soil.”

I have the greatest admiration and respect for the US. But all said and done, home is home. There is no other place like that.

– Rajan

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