Focus and intensity guarantee success

In 3 months, you can get ahead of almost everyone. Here is how:

1. Every day, for an hour, disconnect your phone from the internet.

2. Pick a learning goal or a task that requires focus.

3. For the next 50 minutes, keep a timer on.

4. While the timer ticks, work or learn with full intensity.

5. While working, if your mind wanders bring it back without getting frustrated.

6. While working, if you feel like checking your phone or feel anxious, just close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then restart.

7. After the timer is over, take a 10 mins break.

8. Optional: Repeat one more time.

Almost nobody does this. If you do this, you are probably already in the top 1%.

Focus and intensity guarantee success – nothing else does. Now do it.

– Rajan

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