Clarity over speed

I sometimes wonder if I am a little slow 🙂

Recently, when a friend was explaining some data science concepts to me, every once in a while, I would just ask him to stop.

We would sit in awkward silence for half a minute, and then, almost imperceptibly, I would find clarity emerging.

When learning anything nuanced, I sometimes have to let it pickle in my head for some time. Only then am I able to connect the dots and firm up my mental model. That is when I get to understand things from first principles.

I remember learning valuation from Prof. Aswath Damodaran’s lectures, and many times, I played a snippet over and over again, until I understood it.

I sometimes do wish that I understood everything in a snap, but it is not something I can change.

However, in the real world, this isn’t a problem because life is not a rapid-fire quiz. You almost always have the time — what matters is, can you build clarity?

If you have also faced these struggles, don’t worry. It is perfectly fine to pause for a few minutes as long as you understand things from first principles.

Take the time you need. Speed can never substitute for clarity.

– Rajan

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