Start living today

We hear so much talk about life after death. But what about life before death? Are we truly living this very life?

We desperately look for water on Mars, and rightly so. But what about another planet with ample water? Are we doing enough to preserve it?

While we seek what we don’t have, we pay so little attention to what we already do.

Forget life after death. Let us give some thought to this very life — right here, right now.

When we waste our precious hours on video games, Instagram, or Netflix addiction; when we prioritize money over our loved ones or our own well being; when we turn life into a mindless rat race — are we not throwing away this precious life?

We take this life for granted because it came easy. But just because we got it easy does not make it less precious.

Start living this life. There is no clarity on the next one 🙂

– Rajan



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