Motivation is never the problem — ever. The problem is something else.

And here is how I know. When I was determined to clear the Civil Services, I had zero motivation deficit. There was no distraction, no procrastination.

In the police service, I have worked 36 hrs without a break during riots and natural calamities — again, no motivation problem.

Even in face of exhaustion, I have delivered against every deadline at McKinsey — and there were zillions of them. I felt no need for a motivational talk.

The body might have been exhausted, and the mind drained, but the spirit was alive — I faced no motivation problems.

And yet, my car insurance expires every single year and I fail to renew on time. I can’t remember to pay bills on time. I am terrible at a million other chores, where I don’t care as much about the task. I used to feel horrible about it, and still do (to a lesser extent).

When our mind is hell-bent on achieving something, it will find the energy and motivation.

When you take up a task because it is ‘good for you’ or someone told you to — be it your doctor, parents, or uncle — you are rarely excited about that goal. That is when you struggle for motivation.

To find motivation, own your goals. Do it because YOU want to do it.

If you want something badly enough, motivation will be oozing and you won’t know how to keep a lid on it.

– Rajan

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