Build Trust

During my training at the National Police Academy, I noticed these photos of National Security Guard commandos (‘black cat ’ commandos) shooting at small circular cardboard targets held by their colleagues.

If they missed their aim even by a few inches, the bullet would hit their buddy. Why would they do such a dangerous stunt? Partly, to show confidence in their sharpshooting skills. But partly, it is also to demonstrate that they trust their buddy with their life.

Be it an army, a cricket team, or even a company – the difference between high performance and failure is often trust.

When there is no trust, people try to self-promote at each other’s expense – it is called ‘office politics.’

Even something as commercial as a ‘brand’ is nothing but trust – the trust that a product or service will do what it has promised. Trust is what makes you love your colleagues and your job.

The most powerful weapon in war is not a gun or a tank – it is trust. And so is it in business.

To build a great career, first, build trust. It takes years to build it and only a moment to destroy it.

– Rajan

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