Last year, during one of our bootcamps, a participant shared that her company had installed a software on the company laptop to track whether they were actively working or not.

Apparently, if they did not move the mouse every few minutes, the software would assume that they were not working. As a result, to log in 8 hrs of work, they had to be active for almost 10 hrs.

This is totally pointless. If we have to do surveillance minute by minute, then there is something deeply wrong.

At my startup, all our team members work from home. Then how do I know if they are working and are in front of the system? I don’t. And I don’t care whether they are in front of the system or behind it. As long as the work is done, it is good enough.

If I can’t trust a team member to handle work from home, then how can I trust them to be part of the team?

We need trust, not surveillance.

– Rajan

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