Every experience is unique

I joined my first job (Indian Police Service) in my early twenties and was among the younger officers. I joined my second job (McKinsey) in my mid-thirties and was among the older lot in my batch.

Does it mean I was successful the first time and a failure the second time? Not really.

Every experience is unique. I learned many things in the IPS because I joined early. But had I joined late, I would have had a different experience – who is to say if it would have been better or worse?

Similarly, joining McKinsey late taught me many things, such as not taking one’s age or seniority too seriously.

If you ever have the feeling that life is running away or that you will miss out on “Forbes 30-under-30”, just relax – it will be just fine. Life is to be experienced – it is not a ticking time bomb. There are no deadlines.

It is ok to take your time.

– Rajan

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