Prioritizing health and well-being

Day 1 of IPS training. When the whistle went off at around 5 am, we ran down the stairs of the IPS Mess for the morning PT, terrified of being even 5 seconds late.

Over the next 10 months, the grueling physical training made us fit and taut like racehorses.

And then, like most people, I blundered.

Once the training was over, I got busy. Work, work, work… No fitness, no rest — just work. I was trying to prove myself, but I don’t think anyone really cared.

Over the next decade, I made major career moves, quit IPS, changed geographies — but I ignored the most precious thing: my health.

I had no fitness left and the stress was killing me. Until one day, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore — literally.

After a 10 year gap, I again started working out, running, and sleeping well. In no time, I was running half-marathons without much strain. I regained most of my life and health. Some things never come back though — the injuries are forever.

Your physical and mental well-being is more valuable than career, salary, whatever…

That is why, when I started HabitStrong, I made fitness and mental well-being the core of what we do.

Physical fitness or meditation is not a chore — it is a privilege. Don’t trade your life for silver, job title, or brand.

– Rajan


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