The Morning Routine Advantage

In 2017, my startup was burning cash and time was running out. Changing the direction of the company was like trying to move a gigantic ship — it was hard and required immense grit and energy.

And ironically, this was also the time when I felt my inner strength going down.

But I did find an answer — it was my 5 am morning routine. Starting my day early with an intense workout gave me a huge endorphin rush and cleared the cobwebs in my mind.

Once you start the day with a win, you can push through any challenges later. This idea is very simple, yet hard — the real magic is in execution and consistency.

For the morning routine, I recommend meditation, an intense workout, and writing a journal. Adding daily focused reading will take the routine to another level.

Just do it for a few days and see for yourself.

That is why we include morning routine in many of our bootcamps.

– Rajan

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