Being Comfortable in Misery

During my IPS training, one day, a fellow trainee who was also a college-mate, told me: “In my last job (before IPS), I once wrote a software simulator for Intel’s 386 processor. And now I am doing this stupidity.”

He was a brilliant guy even by IIT standards, and naturally, was quite dismayed by the police training which lacks the intellectual elements of a hardcore tech job and can be quite grueling, physically.

How you take the IPS training is really up to you. If you hate the grind and believe it to be meaningless, it will make you totally miserable. On the other hand, if you take it as an adventure, then adventure it is.

A lot of life is just about getting used to being miserable. Once you accept the pain and discomfort, misery is no longer misery.

– Rajan

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