Less is More

During my IPS training, we were attached to a CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) unit that was fighting militancy in Tripura.

In this remote CRPF camp, we were staying in mud huts with thatched roofs. Inside the hut, there was a fan and a clean bed. Nothing else.

And do you know what I missed? Nothing. It felt perfect and complete.

In fact, having individual huts to ourselves felt like a luxury.

Today, even when we stay in star hotels and enjoy the amenities of city life, we manage to find fault – something always seems to be imperfect.

The truth is that all we need is a clean bed and a fan. But when we have more, we want even more.

There is nothing wrong with living in luxury – when you can afford it, enjoy it. But when needed, we should be able to make do with less.

Don’t let material possessions own you.

Needing less than what you have is a superpower.

– Rajan

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