Today, after days of rain-enforced break, my hour-long run felt like meditation. And those 60 mins flipped a switch — I felt calm, focused, and in control.

We can start our day in two ways: Either start by checking WhatsApp, Instagram, and the like, unleashing uncontrollable anxiety and craving.

Or we can take control of the day by going for a run/workout or by meditating (or both).

The way our morning goes is the way our day goes. And the way the days go is how our life goes.

Control your morning, control your life. No exaggeration, no BS.

Don’t waste the first 1-2 hrs after waking up. Our mind will come up with all kinds of excuses, the favorite one these days being ‘be kind to yourself.’

I am all for being kind to ourselves but is kindness giving in to our cravings? Or is it doing things that energize us and lower our anxiety?

Human beings are intelligent, and we can rationalize anything. We will change when we prioritize our long-term happiness over short-term cravings.

Finally, why should you trust anything I say?

You should not. Trust your own experience — it is the best teacher. But to experience, you need to first act.

All change starts with action. And for that, our resolve has to be stronger than our excuses.


– Rajan


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