Passive income

‘Passive income’ seems to be a rage these days. Don’t fall for it — it is mostly a click-bait. Here is why.

Investing smartly is supposed to be one popular source of ‘passive income.’ If true, Warren Buffet should be the ultimate passive income guy. Yet, he works really hard, spending hours every day reading annual reports and information about companies.

I was with a private equity firm and can assure you making money through investing is tough. Despite all the due diligence and research our firm did, we made many mistakes that cost us hundreds of crores.

In short, investing is as passive as learning to play chess.

Then you will hear things like ‘Just create an online course’ as if you can sit on a Hawaii beach and collect the incoming cash from buyers.

Sure you can make the courses, but how will they sell?

Most people earning ‘passive income’ from courses are frantically running around promoting them, be it through YouTube ads, social media, or whatever.

I am not saying that some means of earning money are not easier than others. But there is no quick buck.

If it were so easy, people would be already doing it, and the resulting competition would make it hard!

I know this sounds boring and hard, but if making money is your thing, don’t expect it to be easy or entertaining — life is not a circus.


– Rajan


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