Be a good human being

There is no such thing as ‘karma’ – good deeds don’t always generate tangible rewards. What goes around, need not come around.

One might then ask: If good deeds don’t create good karma, why should we do good things?

Because they are ‘good’; because we want to be someone who does the right thing without having to be incentivized.

If we do good deeds only for a commensurate benefit, we are merely doing a trade. Trade is neither good nor bad, it is morally neutral.

Further, if we believe in the universality of ‘karma’, we can rationalize someone’s suffering by saying, “they must have done bad things in their past life.” Wrong. That thinking is cruel and evil.

People suffer because they are unlucky, and we need to empathize with them and help without looking for ‘karma coupons.’

To be honest, good deeds do create instant benefits. We become better human beings, feel good, and it may improve our state of mind and even our mental health.

But even that is not a valid reason to be good. The only reason to do good is that you want to be a good human being. For there can be a no bigger reward.

– Rajan


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