Focus on get things done

If you visit the Trivandrum Zoo, you will see a name on a granite stone in front of each enclosure. And no, it is not what you think – it is the name of the politician who inaugurated the enclosure.

This means each enclosure was inaugurated with fanfare and the names of the chief guest etched in stone, for eternity.

This obsession with inauguration is so ingrained that everything in this country has to be inaugurated, often at an absurd cost. If we knew how much money is spent on VIP travel for these events, many of us would revolt.

Now, I am not saying that inaugurations should be banned. But everything has to be done in moderation and within reason – after all, this party is funded by the taxpayer’s money (i.e., your taxes).

And sometimes we go to absurd limits to pander to the VIP ego – some projects are inaugurated twice, some are inaugurated months AFTER the project has been launched, and here is the worst – some are kept pending till the VIP becomes available.

Why can’t we just be functional, and focus on substance over form? There is way too much chest-thumping that goes on.

I think it is time to cut down on this fanfare, and focus on getting things done. The citizens would love that.

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