Fitness and 24 hour time is same for all

A decade ago, while running on Marine Drive in Mumbai, I saw a somewhat familiar face. But because of his sunglasses, I couldn’t place him.

I then saw that the guy running next to him was a cop (the bulge of a pistol in his jacket gave it away). Since he was probably part of a security detail, I guessed that it was Anil Ambani he was escorting.

And at that moment, what struck me is this: We often lament that the rich have so much of an edge over others, and it is true.

But there are two areas where life is almost a level playing field.

The first is fitness. If Anil Ambani wants to stay fit, he has to get up and run; he can’t ask his fitness instructor to run for him. And running a marathon will be as excruciating for him as for anyone else.

The second level playing field is time. Everyone has the same 24 hrs. With all the wealth in the world, you can’t buy a minute more.

And here is the biggest irony. These two blessings that nature bestows on everyone equally, are the ones we throw away recklessly.

We destroy our time and attention like it has no value. And we ignore our health and fitness in the name of ‘work’ and other excuses.

If we want to do something, we find a way. Else we find an excuse.

Next time, choose very carefully.

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