Focus on Today

In my previous startup, we once reached a point where only had cash left to survive three months.

Even worse, we had huge expenses coming up over the next 8 months – the office rental itself would kill us. I personally did not have the money to invest and save the company even if I wanted to.

To survive, we had to change the company’s product, cut costs, and raise funds. How would we do that in such a dire situation? It was like asking a patient in the ICU to run a marathon. It felt hopeless.

But we kept our heads down, trying to do what was in our control. We moved to a smaller office, renegotiated the rentals, and reduced costs to a bare minimum. Despite that, a few months later, we ran out of money.

When the 1st of the month came, we could not pay salaries. So I paid the salaries from my personal account.

Meanwhile, we kept working on a new product. To find the energy and motivation, I would start my day daily at 5 am with a morning workout. My morning routine is what kept me sane and energized to work throughout the day.

We soon launched a new product and then raised funds.

Despite the odds, we managed to survive.

I learned that even when the situation seems hopeless, all we need is to stay focused on what can be done today. ‘Tomorrow’ is just a fantasy – we will face it when it comes.

If we focus on just one day at a time, we can survive practically anything. As long as you don’t stop, there is very little that can kill you.

Just take one day at a time.

– Rajan

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