Embrace Unsettled Paths

When I graduated from IIT in 1995, I was expecting to soon figure out my life and my career, and quickly ‘settle down’.

I then joined the Indian Police Service, the ultimate platform for ‘settling down’. It was such a stable and predictable job that I knew the exact date of all my promotions over the next 35-plus years.

Yet, I could not settle down and ended up quitting the IPS.

Next, I tried an MBA but even that did not bring ‘stability’.

Now, I have given up on the idea of settling down. In fact, I like the unsettled life.

So if you are a recent graduate and feel a little lost, brace yourself. That feeling may never go away!

But let me assure you, it is not a terrible thing. Honestly, even now, I sometimes feel like a fresher trying to make sense of the world.

But does that not make life a little interesting?

– Rajan

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