Career Growth Hack

The first time I did a course on valuation at Wharton, I did not learn much – it was way too technical and conveyed little intuition.

So I ‘illegally’ gatecrashed an undergraduate class on valuation by Prof. David Wessels – I and a few other MBAs would often sit on the floor to hear his lectures. And this time, I learned a lot.

But even that learning paled in comparison to what I learned was from Prof. Aswath Damodaran’s video lectures. And that was after my MBA, totally free of cost.

Similarly, despite doing multiple marketing courses at Wharton, I have learned more about marketing online, after my MBA.

This is not to say that the courses at Wharton were not good – most were absolutely awesome. But learning doesn’t happen only in degree programs.

Today, we are in the age of self-learning. The world’s best learning programs are often just one click away. But what we do with those opportunities is totally up to us.

We can choose to be perpetually busy or we can take time out for learning.

Continuous learning is the single biggest growth hack for your career.

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