Here is a guaranteed way to overwhelm your brain and stress yourself out – keep switching rapidly between tasks without completing any of them.

Every time we switch from task A to B, we incur a cost. Our brain doesn’t fully let go of task A even though we have moved on – there is an attention residue.

And the more often we switch, the more we put our brain (and its prefrontal cortex) under stress.


Take one task at a time. Complete it, or at least a substantial chunk of it and then move to the next one.

But will it not slow you down? No, on the contrary, you will get a lot more done.

Frantically switching between tasks is a recipe for high-stress and low efficiency. Further, you will never experience the deep absorption of the flow state.

If there was a lose-lose proposition, it is this.

Monotasking should be our mantra – one thing at a time, while everything else waits for its turn.

– Rajan

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