2 AM Warriors

In IIT hostels, most of us were 2 am warriors.

We would be routinely awake till 2 or 3 am, and the canteen would be crowded after midnight. That may sound heroic, but hear out the rest of the story before you decide.

Since the night was infinitely long (in our mind), we would be unfocused and totally waste our time from 6 pm to 10 pm.

If being a 2 am warrior was a necessity, my wingmate (Shaleen Saxena) would not have graduated with a GPA 2 points higher than mine despite sleeping every day at 10:30 pm.

Many of us carry the 2 am warrior mindset even after college. We are unfocused in the evening and yet, we keep still sending late-night emails.

The next day we wake up sleep-deprived, unfocused, and repeat the behavior.

Work-life balance: RIP.

That is why in our bootcamps, we strongly recommend shutting down at a given time. In college, the unnecessary late nights may have appeared cute, but not once we are supposed to have grown up.

Every day shut down all work (and if possible devices) by a fixed time. It will make you focus in the evening.

And don’t worry: The trains will still run. The earth will keep rotating. And your company will do great.

It is time to retire the 2 am warrior mindset. Time to live better and have after-work life.


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