RDX or Detonator?

If you set fire to a lump of RDX, it does not explode – it just burns harmlessly.

To unleash its killer explosive power, all you have to do is – hook it to a detonator (a thin pencil-like explosive device).

Similarly, to achieve our life goals, we often already have the knowledge or resources we need (‘the RDX’).

To get fit, we need to just get up, and run, and eat healthy.
We don’t need to read a million articles on running or intermittent fasting.

Similarly, to learn a new skill (e.g., programming or data science), we don’t need gigabytes of content or dozens of online courses – just one or two courses will do.

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Turns out, we hoard RDX when what we really need is the detonator – i.e., ‘discipline and focus’. That is a mistake.

Without discipline and focus, we can buy the best Nike shoe or the most expensive online program – nothing will work.

Building discipline is simple, yet hard. Here are two simple ideas:

Anything else? No!

Just do this consistently for a few weeks and see the magic. This can be the detonator.

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